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UNC Drug Discovery Initiative


The UNC Drug Discovery Initiative takes drug discovery and development at UNC further than ever before, offering health science researchers additional tools to identify and screen targets, and help to advance therapies to patients. The Drug Discovery Initiative is powered by the Eshelman Institute for Innovation in a collaboration with the UNC School of Medicine, the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, and UNC Research.


CRISPR Screening Facility



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Current and Future Capabilities

  • Available now or by end of 2021
  • Available in 2022

Novel Target Identification

  • UNC CRISPR Genetic and Epigenetic Screening Center (Opening Q3 ’21)


Target Screening

  • Small Molecule: DNA-Encoded Libraries (DEL)
    • Collaboration with HitGen
  • Antibody Screening


Translational Research/ Asset Development

  • On-Campus Capabilities
    • Small Molecule
    • Cell/Gene Therapies
  • CRO/External Partnerships
    • Small Molecules
    • Antibodies/Biologics
    • mRNA Technologies